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Let's Go by Imalou

At first sight, this image takes almost no sense. We can see the Trixie in a bed, with a draw on her back, nothing special.
Then, we watch the video, and FFS everything makes absolute sense! I can imagine a full story about this, a fully ambitious Trixie studying magic, all her life for a dream, she become powerful, big and recognized, and suddenly a blast came from nowhere give almighty powers to another filly, and Trixie's dreams breaks apart.
The detail on her eyes it's amazing, show us a great determination and, at the same time, a deep sadness. Are those your own eyes right?
The colours and shapes are amazing, but the light it's a little confusing, it looks like it comes from everywhere.
I really liked this draw, it slowly consumes your soul...
The Artist thought this was FAIR
12 out of 12 deviants thought this was fair.


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